About Priceless Project

Priceless Project is a faith-based organization dedicated to the abolishment of modern day slavery. Priceless Project was founded by Carl and Tina Kadolph, after a trip to South America when they came face to face with a human trafficking victim. That experience haunted them after they returned home.

After doing much research and going through countless hours of training on the subject of human trafficking, they realized this was an epidemic, not only internationally, but right here in our own backyard.

There are woman and children tortured in modern day slavery. They are held captive, threatened, drugged and beaten by their traffickers. Then, they are made to have sex with several men a day. Many of these victims are children as young as nine years of age.

The couple could not just sit in the comfort of their own home and pretend that they didn’t know what was happening. They knew something had to be done.

Realizing that public education is the key, Tina has traveled across the United States and internationally teaching of the horrors of human trafficking. She has taught at women’s conferences, church gatherings, youth groups, colleges and universities, law enforcement organizations, fraternal orders and social clubs.

About Carl and Tina

Both Carl and Tina are trained and certified through “Hands That Heal,” developed and co-edited by Dr. Beth Grant and Cindy Lopez Hudlin. They have learned how to spot a victim of human trafficking, as well as how to provide help and healing for these precious victims.

carl-tina-kadolph-circleTina, a survivor of sexual abuse herself, is also certified in life recovery trauma counseling, suicide prevention and currently sits on the Demand Reduction Subcommittee for the Florida Abolitionist Group of Central Florida. Because of Tina’s personal testimony she truly has a heart to help children and women who have been sexually abused or exploited.

Tina is helping woman and children rebuild their self-worth and to overcome the fear…to understand what a normal life should be like.

Carl has been a general contractor for over 30 years, 25 of them here in Central Florida. Carl also has a degree in business.

Carl and Tina have been married for 30 years and have raised two daughters, have a grandson and another on the way, and have adopted three teenage boys.

Building Safe Houses Domestically and Abroad

After the fateful meeting with the precious human trafficking victim in South America, the couple returned home and immediately set out to raise money to rescue woman and children and give them safe housing, and help them rebuild their lives.

Building SafehousesToday they have two safe houses, with a capacity of up to 48 survivors of human trafficking, with more safe houses needed both locally and internationally.

Tina and the Priceless Project are opening a victim’s safe house in South America in the very near future and have recently secured a 28,000 square foot building in Central Florida with plans to use it for housing, rehabilitation and restoration of victims of human trafficking.

The more finances raised, the more safe housing and restored lives can be accomplished. With your help Carl and Tina can accomplish their calling of providing these much needed safe houses.

In 2000, Carl and Tina started leading teams around the world. Some of the places they have lead groups to have been Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Trinidad, Guyana, Dominican Republic, and China, and they also work domestically here in our own backyard in Florida, Mississippi and on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.

They currently lead volunteer trips around the world providing education, food, and clothing outreaches to the poorest areas both domestically and internationally. We are a hands on organization that goes to the interior villages in the Amazon jungle, as well as cities to provide love to the unloved, hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless.

How You Can Help

Partner With Us

Become a partner and join us on one of our scheduled trips, which will allow you to experience the work we are involved in first hand. However, if you are unable to join a team for work abroad, no worries. You can provide in other ways.


Sponsor Those Going

Consider giving to those who are traveling with us on our trips abroad to rescue these victims. Donate and you will be helping us to rescue and build more safe houses.


Sponsor A House

Sponsor one of our homes and you will be helping to provide all that is needed to run a home for 20-24 survivors.


Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child to provide education, school uniforms, food, clothing and vocational training for a survivor.


Thank you in advance for your help to rescue our PRICELESS women and children.


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